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"THE STORY OF US" (2016)


Release Date:  2016   - Philippines

** Produced by ABS-CBN (Philippines) in association with SITTING CAT PRODUCTIONS (US) 


Genre: Romantic Drama 


Directed by:  Richard V. Somes


Screenplay by: 


Executive Produced by:  Edlyn Abuel-Tallada


Produced by: ____ (Supervising Producer), ___  (Line Producer), & Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago (US Producer)


Starring: Xiam Lim, Kim Chu with Zsa Zsa Padilla, Aiko Melendez, Princess Punzalan, John Arcilla, Susan Africa, Gardo Versoza and Eric Quizon.


Synopsis :  Macoy and Tin were childhood best friends that turned into lovers. They shared a lot of memories back in El Nido but circumstances set them apart. Tin had to go the US to finally meet her estranged mother.The two had to go through the pains of long distance relationship, which they didn’t survive. They had to split up.5 years passed, Macoy became the person that he wanted—successful in his chosen career. Suddenly, everything was close to perfect, or so he thought. Until a business trip in US came, Macoy immediately grabbed the opportunity.In the US, he chances upon Tin, and at that moment, it’s as if he’s reminded of all the things they’ve gone through. He realizes that his love for Tin never faded. Macoy decides to stay in the US to give their love another chance. But Tin has already moved on and is with a new man in her life, CJ. She became a completely different person—strong and independent, and found a promising career. On the other hand, Macoy landed into various jobs as he struggles as a “TNT” just to win Tin back.These differences in living situations amplify the growing differences between Tin and Macoy. And as they struggle on their second chance at love in America, they realize that people never stay the same, and pursuing their love is more difficult than they hoped it would be.“The Story of Us” is a love story told against the backdrop of the Filipino experience in America.

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