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Release Date: 2019


Genre: TV Noir 


Written & Directed by: Eduard Ordonez


Produced by: Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago


Starring:  Sara Neil, Celia Au, Chris London, Zayn Alexander, Kelly Driscoll, Dino Petrera, Barry Lee Sheppard E,ric Lockley, Pamela Karp, Michael Barnett, Maxwell Duane & Tyler Jakes


Synopsis :  A sleuth hounding the truth for his high school newspaper... A bully with a heart of gold, constantly manipulated by forces outside of his control... An outcast with a mean left hook, made a pariah for being a girl with too many rough edges... Their stories intertwine and align inside MSGR. O'Mallory High School. A place where teens take their problems way too seriously.

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