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Release Date: 2015 

** Produced by STANULIS PRODUCTIONS & STANULIS & ASSOCIATES in association with 305 Media Group, Lazy Kitty Productions and Sitting Cat Productions 


Genre: Drama, Comedy 


Directed by: John A. Gallagher


Screenplay by: Victor Ribaudo 


Produced by: Mike Musco & Mike Wenger


Produced by:  Steve Stanulis, Rich Buyer, Bill Brady, Victor Ribaudo, Angie Bullaro


Co-Produced by: Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago


Starring:  Sean Young, William Forsythe, Steve Stanulis, Deborah Twiss, Phillip Moon, Stephen Baldwin, Jeremy Luke & Alysia Reiner


Synopsis : John Mangano, a nice guy whose partying lifestyle has taken precedence over his business life, works in the family's failing printing firm.  He is told by his irate father that he has three months to come up with a successful business plan, or the company will go bust and he'll be out of a job.  At the advice of Nicole, a pretty woman who works at the firm, John turns to networking – a skill at which he is absolutely inept.  He begins to navigate a totally unknown world of frenetic networking meetings and events and meets a cast of hilarious characters – such as David Finkelstein, an Asian-American with a proclivity to speak Yiddish!  As John races the clock he experiences the ups and downs of generating new business, at times being elated at opportunities and at other times being plummeted into deep despair.  But inspiration comes from a surprisingly small package – an ingenious idea that, if executed correctly, will indeed be the answer John has been looking for.  In the end, John discovers that by embodying responsibility, he finds both the solution to the firm's problem, and a new found love.


Festivals & Awards: 


Official Selection

Golden Door International  Film Festival '15

Hoboken International Film Festival '15

SOHO International Film Festival '15

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