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"HELLO" (2016)


Release Date: 2016

** Produced by ART VANGUARD CREATIVE in association with SITTING CAT PRODUCTIONS. 

Genre:  Drama


Written:: Ana Atanassova


Directed by:  Ana Altanassova & Kalin Ivanov


Produced by:  Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago, Svetoslav Doytchinov, Kristina Nikolova


Starring: Audrey Marshall, Amy Morse, Geisha Otero, Mark Ryan Anderson, Amaurys Rodriguez, Jonathan Slovak, Hazar Atay, Vanina Kondova, Duane C. Ferguson, Antonia Katrandjieva, Alamira Babay


Synopsis : ​HELLO captures a moment of the lives of diverse characters that cross paths at Times Square. A seven year-old spoiled girl “fights” for a Hello Kitty photo. Her preppy mom “fights” over her racial prejudice, while a Hello Kitty costumed character fights for her life. Hello, is this hell or just another day on Times Square?

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