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"BIBLE CAMP" (2024)


Release Date: 2024

Genre:  Drama, Youth


Directed by: Philip DeRise

Written by: Hyon Jung Lee

Produced by:  Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago

Director of Photography: Eunah Lee


Starring:  Amy Eunhae Lee, Everest Talde, Aria David, M G Barnes, Victoria Joliddie, Conor M. Hamill, Johnny Sporks, Jack Boice, Sooah Madison & Marquel Iwabuchi


Synopsis : ​ A group of children endure a backyard Bible camp in the Hudson Valley. Two kids, nonreligious immigrants, assimilate to American routines, enduring casual racism from the locals. When the camp leaders impose a violent afternoon activity (the camp counselors destroy a crate of vinyl records with ordinary garden tools because they consider it the devil's music), all of the children are forever changed.

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