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"ALIBI" (2016)


Release Date: 2016


Genre:  Drama, Thriller


Directed by: Habeeb Lawal


Screenplay by:  Robert Heske


Produced by:  Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago & Habeeb Lawal


Starring:  Elise Rooker, Michael McFadden, Timothy Laurel Harrison, Jack Hammel, Eric Rolland, Jeff Buckner, Kenneth Carella, Mark Perrone.


Synopsis : A man accused of murdering his autistic daughter pleads the "sleepwalking" alibi. Two hard-boiled detectives want him to pay for the blood on his hands. Is the alleged killer innocent, insane ... or was he really awake the whole time?

Official Selection:

2016 Central Florida Film Festival

2016 NYLA International Film Festival

2016 Manhattan Film Festival, Winner

2016 SOHO International Film Festival

2016 Palm Spring Int'l Shortfest Film Market

2016 Southside Film Festival

2016 Cinematic Arts Film Festival

2016 Hoboken International Film Festival

2017 Bengaluru International Film Festival

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