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 FOOTAGE BY: USEmbassyBishkek  


"Nomad Cowboys" (2019)

Release Date: 2019


Genre:  Documentary


Directed by:  Brock Harris & Creed Garnick

Produced by:  Sibyl Santiago, Vanessa Garnick Boschoff, Aidan Khan

Executive Producer:  Matthew Daddario

Director of Photography:  Axel Lanzenberg

Cast:  Brendan Bryant, Creed Garnick, Sky Garnick, Brock Harris, Billy Magnussen, TJ Moulton, Max Snow, Scott Zimmerman

Synopsis:   “Let’s go play a game we’ve never played, in a language we don’t understand, where you could possibly die.”

In September of 2016, a group of cowboys and a couple Hollywood actors went to Kyrgyzstan to represent the USA in the "World Nomad Games." They competed in Kok Boru --an ancient Genghis Khan war game-- against the greatest players in the world.

Basically, we where the US equivalent to a Jamaican bobsled  team. Cool Runnings! 


During post-production at the beginning of 2017, the team received a call and got invited to Astana, Kazakhstan to once again represent the USA in the brutal sport of Kok Par. The games were held at the World Expo in August, 2017. We are now making preparations to continue the adventure while searching for allies, and angles for distribution. We hope that this film will lead to others like it and that this is only the beginning of an epic journey for the NOMAD COWBOYS!

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