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Release Date: 2024

Genre:  Drama, Fantasy, Young Adult

Written & Directed by: Boris Schaarschmidt

Executive Producer & Story by: John Theobald

Produced by:  Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago

Director of Photography: George Mitas


Starring:  Zenon Zeleniuch, Bristol Pomeroy, Onie Maceo Watlington, Sibyl Santiago, Bonnie Rose, Deborah Unger, Peter Feliz


Synopsis : ​  In the near future, Sam, an elderly man living in a seemingly perfect assisted care facility, begins to suspect that the video chat connecting him to his loved ones is not what it seems. When he uncovers the shocking truth, Sam must decide whether to accept the fabricated reality or risk everything to expose the truth, even as some of his fellow residents cling to the illusion of a perfect world...

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