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SITTING CAT PRODUCTIONS is a vibrant, quality NYC based production company. We specialize in film, television, music, theater and all forms of major creative and corporate events.


President & Founder


For over 30 years, Sibyl has been involved in film, television and stage production both in the US and Asia. As President of Sitting Cat Productions, Sibyl has had several films release since 2016 including the feature “SAM” with Executive Producer Mel Brooks, written and directed by Nicholas Brooks. Having successfully tackled roles ranging from talent management to producing and directing, Sibyl knows firsthand what it takes to bring a story from script to screen, and is a proud active member of the Producer's Guild of America.

A recent recipient of The Outstanding Filipino Americans in New York, Arts & Culture Award at Carnegie Hall, Sibyl also remains as an active member of both SAG-AFTRA and Actor’s Equity, and has appeared in several film, television, and Off-Broadway productions in NYC. She trained with the Philippine Educational Theater Association, and has performed in several high profile companies including La Mama, May-I Theater and INTAR’s "Night Over Taos", directed by Academy award-winning actress Estelle Parsons. 

Sibyl currently serves as Executive Director and Head of Programming for the SOHO International Film Festival.


Vice President

Carlos has served as the Director of the Judging and Screening Committee for the SOHO International Film Festival for the past eight years. In that time, he has been an integral part of the Film Festival and instrumental in its growth. As vice president of Sitting Cat Productions, he has been involved in production work for many of its projects. He has also been the official set photographer and a part of the camera department for many of our productions. 


Content Manager

Brock Harris is an accomplished theater and film actor.  Brock’s film work includes a role in "Gone Missing" (2013), and a role in the Drake Doremus film, “Breathe In,” starring Guy Pearce and Felicity Jones, which premiered at Sundance in 2013.  Brock was also cast in cult filmmaker, Darren Steins’ “G.B.F." (2013), and in "Sam," "Those Who Wander," "Goliath," and "Adventures of Sweet Yellow".   Brock's television work includes a recent role on Major Crimes.  Brock’s theatre credits include several distinguished regional and New York theatres, most notably the Lincoln Center, LCT3 world premiere production of ALL-AMERICAN, directed by Evan Cabnet.


In his free time Harris is an avid outdoorsman, and loves hunting, fishing, horse riding, and sports.  He also enjoys combat sports such as wrestling and martial arts, and is currently training to compete in Jiu Jitsu.  

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Lorli has been in Philippine theater, television and films for decades. 2017 marks her 50th year working professionally.  She was awarded Best Supporting Actress in 1972 at the Manila Film Festival and nominated numerous times for awards including at the First International Film Festival in the Philippines. She has done at least 50+ films during her career in Philippine cinema and was lead in half a dozen television shows aside from countless guest appearances in others. She went on to direct TV movies of historical and educational themes for commercial channels and the Department of Education. She ultimately put up her own production company, Tri-Media Productions, which was subsequently renamed Emmaus Productions, which was considered one of the most active public relations, advertising, talent agency and production company in the Philippines in the 90’s. Lorli served as President and CEO of Tri-Media/Emmaus Productions, which produced numerous theater shows including educational print materials for schools as well as training programs for startup theater companies around the Philippines and abroad, such as Australia, Japan and Korea.  Her efforts were mostly under the sponsorship of the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts. 

Lorli started her career in the theater as a founding member of the Philippine Educational Theater Association under the tutelage of Cecile Guidote Alvarez, after completing an Integrated Arts Program with UNESCO.  She co-founded the Visual Artists Cooperative of the Philippines with Dean Jose Joya and the Kalinangan ng Lahi Theater Café with fellow artist, Joonee Gamboa, at the Araneta Center. Lorli also served as Chairman of the Board of Judges for the Palanca Literary Awards, considered the most prestigious literary award giving body in the Philippines.   

Lorli is also a multi-awardee as an education administrator and educator and was a Fulbright Scholar and graduated from Northern Illinois University where she briefly became an adjunct professor in the Communications Department.  She is a certified New York State teacher and conducted review classes for NY teachers looking to pass the state teachers exams for a good number of years.   Until recently, Lorli was the Deputy Chair of the Graduate Program for Education and Special Education as well as the International  Student Advisor at Touro College and University System here in New York City. 



The son of comedy legend Mel Brooks, Nicholas Brooks has worked in the entertainment field for over 20 years.  His first screenplay, Pumped!, was optioned by MCEG Entertainment (Look Who's Talking, Look Who's Talking Too, The General's Daughter and Basic Instinct). His fourth screenplay, Bugwars, has been purchased outright by Brooksfilms Ltd., and is presently in development with Brooksfilms. He continues to be active as a screenwriter, focusing on genres as diverse as thriller, comedy, horror and science fiction.

Mr. Brooks has also worked as a story editor for Brooksfilms Ltd. for over twenty years. Brooksfilms Ltd., a creative force in the independent motion picture arena, is responsible for such acclaimed masterpieces as Frances and The Elephant Man. In his long tenure at Brooksfilms, Nicholas Brooks has assisted in the selection of projects as well as helped to oversee the story development of a number of notable motion pictures. These include The Fly, The Fly II, and Spaceballs.  Additionally, he has story edited and consulted for other motion picture development companies, such as Vestron Pictures, which, over the last quarter century, produced such notable films as Dirty Dancing and Young Guns. In his capacity as a consultant to Vestron, Nicholas Brooks gave creative and story input on projects such as Dirty Dancing, Big Man On Campus, and Promised Land. 

He has written advertising copy, owned his own computer game company and has worked as a financial consultant, focusing primarily in the area of motion picture finance.  Nicholas directed and produced the feature comedy 'Sam', executive produced by Mel Brooks.

Nicholas is now working on several new story ideas for both television and graphic novels



Todd Bellanca is a producer and writer, known for Knockdown (2011), The Moment (2012) and Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio (1991).  

Todd's career spans commercials, music videos and features. He excels in various arenas, creating compelling stories and captivating images with intriguing and authentic performances. Immediately after film school, Todd began directing and shooting music videos, landing clips on MTV's 120 Minutes, Yo MTV Raps and Head Bangers Ball. Todd's commercial portfolio consists of hundreds of spots, dozens for global brands like Nike, Tecate, Ford, Miller Lite, Burger King, American Red Cross, Burton, Sharp, Dannon, Sears, JC Penny, Norelco, Pixar and Disney, among others.  Expanding to features, Todd began writing, producing and eventually directing an Indie boxing film. "The Bad Penny" was honored on the festival circuit with several Best Picture and Best Director Awards. Acquired by Arc Entertainment, it was released theatrically, securing broad international distribution.

Long form or short, Todd creates striking visuals while motivating memorable performances. Whether directing real people or established artists, he has collaborated with a vast spectrum of talent, ranging from cinema legends, Hollywood mainstays and iconic television celebrities, to sports stars and influential musicians.  Whether a project requires intimate dialogue, sweeping cinematic vistas, gritty action or nuanced vignettes, Todd delivers content that is dynamic, provocative, exciting and entertaining.

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