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"FOLLOW HER" (2023)

Release Date: 2023

**  Production Company: Classified Films


Genre: Suspense Erotic Thriller


Directed by: Sylvia Caminer


Written by: Dani Barker


Produced by:  Sylvia Caminer, Dani Barker & Mchael Indjeian

Co-Produced by: Sibyl Reymundo-Santiago 


Exectuive Producer/s: John Andrew Gallagher, Cindy Joy Goggins, Chris Gaunt,  Fenner Osmond Friedman, Manuel Freedman,  Rich Hassan, Barbara Erysian & Leslie Whirly Robinson

Director of Photography: Luke Geissbuhler


Starring: Dani Barker, Luke Cook, Mark Moses


Synopsis: An aspiring actress responds to a mysterious classified ad and finds herself trapped in her new boss's twisted revenge fantasy.

Official Selection

Ravenheart Int’l Film Festival '22

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival '22

Woodstock Film Festival '22

Fantaspoa Film Festival '22

Fantasporto Film Festival '22

FrightFest aka Arrow Video FrightFest '22

Popcorn Frights Film Festival  '22

GenreBlast Film Festival '22

Macabro Film Festival '22

Sinistro Film Festival '22

Albuquerque Film & Music Experience '22

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